Sunday, August 22, 2010

Salida, CO

The Rocky Mountain Vintage Rally, the 10th annual and the last.  The Denver Unit of the WBCCI has put this on, with great skill and enthusiasm, and now will take time off which they deserve, but we will miss it !

As you, gentle reader, have followed me to many rallies, you know what the deal is. A long weekend of camping together (or sometimes longer), happy hour (adult beverages and snacks) and usually pot lucks at dinner time.  That’s the base line, and to that get added other things, usually tourist related or just entertainment. But this rally takes it over the top and provides a whole ‘nother level of fun.

As it is mostly vintage, and for the last few years without hook ups, it attracts those who are deeply devoted to fixing up and using our old Airstreams to the fullest. We have formal talks on various topics, Patti gave her ladies towing seminar again, a great swap meet that is a learning experience (what is THAT for?) and best of all a great rendezvous of enthusiasts and experts in all aspects of Airstream restoration and repair.  So if something is misbehaving, there will be someone who knows what to do.  Even more gratifying for those of us with some mileage, newcomers to this world are there and eager to learn and visit our trailers to see what can be done. I remember going to my first rally that had a vintage open house, I was like a kid in a candy store.

Happy Hour reaches a new plateau with a frozen marguerite machine and two kegs from the Fat Tire beer folks.  The food people bring is amazing too, and even though we take turns bringing, there is so much delicious finger food, much of it actually cooked in the trailers, that dinner seems impossible.  And a pot luck with this crowd is amazing too.  On Saturday night, we all dressed in our best cowboy finery, and had a superb sit down catered dinner, with strolling musicians, and then music all evening in a huge tent.

I should say a word about the music.  There has been a viral spread of ukulele playing and general rowdy singing in this group, spearheaded by the El Camino unit from CA.  This is a lively bunch who travel and play together for a lot of the summer, and when they get together with the equally lively Denver unit, the good times do roll.  I have been rallying with these merry folks for years and they are terrific.

Dear God, I ate so much good food. Just when I thought I had sampled everything on the table, more temptation would appear. At many rallies, the participants just buy the food to bring, but not this crew. Even the salsas were home made.

The standard entertainment during the day for me is to find a kindred soul and hit the thrift and consignment stores, and in Salida there are many good ones, so that was great fun too.

All this excellent stuff was at the Salida Fairgrounds, actually in Poncha Springs, in a wide flat area with mountains all around us.  The skies put on a show, dramatic clouds, sudden and brief storms, with the light changing on the mountains every minute. Dawn and sunset were dramatic and colorful and once even a rainbow. One night, there was a bit of rain in the sky and lots of clouds, so the sun lit everything up flaming gold as it set, the rain glowed like northern lights, and the mountains broke up the setting sun’s beams into shafts of light.  Every few minutes it changed again, going pinker, then orange, and then the blues and purples took over.  Stunning, especially when reflected in 86 shining trailers.

Sad to have it over, not just for this time, but for a rest up for the weary organizers.  This rally is what a rally should be. As a friend said: “Eat, drink, dance, tell stories, laugh, repeat.....for 4-5 days, ahhhh”. 

Hunter came for the open house and now I have joined her at a “western” CG down the road. They have wagon rides and a cowboy dinner with music, and best of all, there are three horses right behind my trailer.  The last thing I hear as I fall asleep is them chewing.


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